Godwin Adedeji
by on May 22, 2020

Ghanaian Rapper, Michael Owusu Addo,the one we popularly call Sarkodie,yesterday shared a  video of himself rapping from the screen of a very small phone.

And yes,this was a scene that may get you wondering if it is the one and same person you know of today.



Matter of Fact, if you watch the video,you may get emotional as the younger Sarkodie may be seen struggling to make some well rhymed lines .


ALSO IN GHANA:  Lady Jay Drops " One Ghana" Video.


It seems incredible to connect him to the smooth-rolling His Royal Sarkness we see nowadays.


But see where he is today.


He actually intends to inspire fans and other people looking up to him with the video, and the result was far way motivating.


He captioned the video :
"In anything,you do, put your One Hundred Percent.”




Yes,he gave everything back then to make impact,and he is enjoying the result now.




Watch the video here: SARKODIE's Throwback Studio Session



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