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by on May 24, 2020

Nollywood actor Seun Sean Jimoh and wife became proud new parents for the second time after they welcome the birth of their new child in New York.

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The excited new father took to his Instagram page to share a photo of their new born baby, revealing the name of the baby DOLABUMI

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He also shared another post where he posed with his wife Olatokunbo, their older daughter Anjolaoluwa and their unborn baby.

Seun Jimoh shared the experience they had to go through the childbirth journey and how his wife took the experience.

He wrote: 'We had alot of fun and not so fun times in the journey to this beauty that God has allowed into our lives. First trimester woes, sleepless nights, serious nausea and aversion to perfumes, lol. Wife literally slept in a recliner for weeks as she couldn't sleepmin our bed because of discomfort during the third trimester, but she carried it with Faith and Grace. I saw the pain and how she smiled through it. She still made me breathtaking meals and took care of her business. Thanks to my darling wife for everything. All pregnant women and women at large are the real MVP's. And for everyone out there looking for a Joy as ours, may it come to you in God's time and with the right person. Amen

I Love you Olatokunbo, I Love you Anjolaoluwa, I Love you Dolabumi. You guys are my Perfection. 

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