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Veteran Cinematographer , Isaac Martins, will be joining the Fameidols Nolly Youth Empowerment Workshop team to teach ACTING  which is scheduled to begin on 2nd to 7th of November 2020

Popularly known as Ngede 1 of Nollywood-d-digital master. Isaac Martins is an experienced Cinematographer and the current MD OF MARTISA COMMUNICATIONS ltd who hails  from Rivers State of Nigeria . He is a trained Cinematographer ,  Video Editor, theatre artiste, a dancer, chorographer, singer, director, script writer, and a stage and television actor.

Has been a part of  many dance performances on stage and government functions, directed and acted many literature playwright on stage like The God's are not to blame, the Lion and the jewel, This is our chance, Julius Caesar at the national arts theater in the 80s/90s.

Isaac worked with Nigerian television Authority in the 90s as Associate producer of then popular health program Cradle Roles for mothers and baby's. Produced by Jare Ayo Martins. He also worked with Elopee world entertainment company as Associate producer, editor and Cinematographer  on Then popular television pigeon English program GRASSROOTS TV. .

Has been a part time news editor with Channels television, then moved to advertising and marketing firm Whitewood Truvision company as Assistant studio manager.

He Produced, directed and edited Millo NBA Basketball Show, Bournvita sports classic

He shot and edited then popular television series JADED OPTIONS, The INHERITANCE the list is endless before he Moved into Nollywood

Presently a house hold name among Nollywood film makers , Isaac has shot almost hundred movies some of which have received awards which include DARKEST NIGHT, GAMES MEN PLAY, RELOADED, BEHIND CLOSED DOOR, WAR FRONT, ERU OKA, FORMIDABLE FORCE, WHEN THE HEART LIES, DANGER SIGNAL, STUPID, HATRED, RIVALS, SCARED TRADITION, ODUM NA AKUEKE,  BLOOD DIAMOND, UNFINISHED BUSINESS, Etc.

He also Produced and directed some movies and series like Dark Veil, The Johnsons Family, Compound Palava, Flourish Bukka, Kaima, Beware of Strangers, My lost Rib, It's written, Act of pain, My Shadows, Seed of mystery, Njedi na wanyi etc. Now married with children. Thank you.

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